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Rose Tinted Law Podcast

Ep 24 – Alison Cusack on navigating her unique place in maritime law

First State Insights

Episode: Maritime History and Comic Books with The Shipping Lawyer. Listen in as Alison speaks with First State Insights.

The Boutique Lawyer Show (by Lawyers Weekly)

‘If it’s maritime, people assume I was involved’ – Alison speaks with Jerome Doraisamy from the Lawyers Weekly The Boutique Lawyer Show

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Splash 247 Article: The (N)ever Forgotten

Read Alison’s article on how shipping ought to make the most of being thrust into the limelight this year here.

Splash 247: Alliances: The blatant cartel?

Alison weighs in for Splash 247 at a time when global alliances are in flux.

Josef: How leading maritime law firm Cusack & Co is innovating triage with Josef

Alison talks to Josef about innovation and triaging data for claims.

Daily Cargo News: Women in Maritime: Alison Cusack

Alison is interviewed by DCN as part of their coverage for the International Day for Women in Maritime.

DCN: Women's Day 2022 Industry Breakfast

Alison features in DCN after her keynote address at the industry breakfast on International Women’s Day 2022.

ABC: Coronavirus trade collapse paints grim Australian economic picture for 2020

Alison contributes to this ABC News about trade impacts.

Splash 247 Article: The (N)ever Forgotten

Read Alison’s article on how shipping ought to make the most of being thrust into the limelight this year.

Australian Government Defence: Women in the maritime industry celebrated

Alison attends a panel hosted by the Royal Australian Navy at the Sea Power conference at Indo-Pacific 2022.

Splash247: Alliances, consortiums and cartels

Read Alison’s article on the ramifications of the decision to target global liners.

Lawyers Weekly: War risk clauses and other reflections from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflicts

Alison talks to Lawyers Weekly about the impacts of the war on the shipping industry.

Smart Company: Why is Shipping to Australia taking so long, and what can SMEs do about it?

Alison talks to Smart Company about shipping delays.

Safety4Sea - Career Paths: Alison Cusack, Cusack & Co.

Alison talks to Safety4Sea about her passion for shipping and career as a Maritime Lawyer.

Lawyer's Weekly: 'The supply chain is in crisis' and other maritime issues

Alison talks to Lawyers Weekly about the industry, supply chain and seafarers.

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A Short History of Maritime: A cheat's guide for landlubbers and the landlocked

 Written by Australian Maritime Lawyer, Alison Cusack, this e-book gives you a short overview of maritime history, highlighting some of the key players and events in the industry.

From the building of the Pyramids of Giza, to the Industrial Revolution, to the Titan submersible, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Whether you’re a seasoned maritime geek or a landlubber wanting to learn a few new facts to wow people with at the next trivia night you attend, A Short History of Maritime: A Cheat’s Guide for Landlubbers and the Landlocked has you covered.

Container Jack: Issue 1

A Shipping Industry Comic Book; our debut comic!

Container Jack: Issue 2

Sideways in the Suez and other stories

Container Jack: Issue 3

Special Edition: World Maritime Day 2023

Read Alison’s Insights here:

As the Shipping Industry adapts to COVID-19, Alison Cusack provides insight into current operations and the survival of the industry.
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For those in the shipping game, when things go well, they go very well, and when they go bad they are horrid. The normally invisible industry of containerised shipping was brought the public eye last May when the...
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Going Overboard: A Crash Course in General Average Written by Alison Cusack and Kerryn Woonings The ancient principle of General Average has remained a mystery for many of the parties involved in a “maritime adventure”. When the containers...
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With 2019 already seeing over 50 major casualties so far, specifically three General Average events declared, one total loss and a recent onboard fire, directly affecting Australian shippers it’s no surprise that the insurance market is starting to...
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Is your business prepared for failure? In the past few months, we have seen general average declared on three vessels in the Asia Pacific region; APL Vancouver, Yantian Express and most recently the E.R. Kobe. When it comes...
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