When it’s an Emergency situation, we’ll be there

Lost Bills of Lading

Whilst technology races ahead, original bills of lading (which are evidence of title to the goods) are still are used in everyday shipping. A lost bill of lading can cause significant issues with your letters of credit, and delay in release of cargo. This in turn can cause you to default on your commercial contracts whilst incurring significant costs for detention and storage at the port of discharge.

When a bill of lading is lost, we can assist you with cost management strategies and reviewing the required letters of indemnity and bank guarantees to secure the release of your cargo.

Cargo Liens

Cargo liens, whilst rare are an effective tool used by the ocean carrier to enforce an unpaid outstanding debt. Even if you have credit, you can unwitting go over your credit terms (whether in respect of the dollar figure or timeliness) and have the next shipment held. Shipping lines do have the ability to enforce cargo liens, but they are still required to enforce it appropriately. If your cargo is under lien, we can quickly review the shipments involved to determine if it is an appropriate lien, or whether it is merely an enforcement tactic by the lines.

General Average Events

General average events are on the increase. This is due to low barriers to entry for shippers and increasing size of vessels. Are you prepared for a general average event? Are your staff prepared to deal with inquiries and paperwork?

Do you know what your insurer and clients expect from you in response? We can assist with cargo involved with a general average event.

Vessel Detainment

The collapse of ocean carrier Hanjin demonstrates the wide spread havoc that external parties can have on your supply chain. If your cargo is caught on a detained vessel, we can assist with mitigation strategies to get you on the front foot with management of the detained shipment.


Do you have a container stuck in quarantine? Are you unsure of your rights and next steps? Have you got the ability to on-charge the cost and time (including for container detention and demurrage) to your end client or do you have the right to avoid them under your contract with the ocean carrier? Ensure your biosecurity response is factored into your client and supplier contracts to effectively manage those increasing responsibilities and obligations under the Biosecurity Act.

Shipping Emergency

Everything and anything that is affecting your cargo in real time is classed (for you and your business) as a shipping emergency. We can provide quick response times to assist you balance the legal and commercial next steps to minimising the time and expense drain a shipping emergency can have on your business.