We’ll help you when you need to respond

Damaged Cargo

Has cargo arrived damaged? Is cargo damaged en- route and the carrier is asking for instructions? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place to react to cargo issues? Do you have a prepared plan to activate when it comes to contacting your insurer and supply chain?

Failure to mitigate can cost you in the recovery stage of your claim. We can assist with:

  • cargo that has arrived damaged
  • cargo claim review
  • damaged cargo mitigation strategies > disaster recovery plans
Abandoned Cargo

Has your shipment been abandoned by the consignee? Have you imported cargo and your ultimate consignee walked away? Have you tried to exercise a lien and you’ve been left with goods to dispose of?

If you don’t have the necessary contractual rights and associated procedures to execute these rights you can waste of lot of time and money to fix the problem from the backend. We’ve assisted in abandoned cargo in most parts of the world and can also help you here domestically with warehouseman’s liens in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Don’t abandon your money by not being proactive.

Spot Fire Issues in the General Business

Do you have a spot fire in the business that is taking up too much mental load, too much time and wasting energy and money? Let us come in and assess the issue and provide real time practical solutions to let you and your team regain focus on core business issues.

Client Insolvency

Has a client become insolvent? Do you need assistance getting paid as an unsecured creditor? Do you have goods on the water for them? Or in the warehouse? Do you have policies in place to deal with these time sensitive issues in an efficient manner?

Do your contracts and insurance policies deal with a client insolvency event? If not, let us help protect you in the event of client insolvency.


Is your business in a state of overwhelm? Do you have multiple spot fires constantly vying for your attention and pulling your resources offline in a state of constant reaction? We have experience in this. We can come and assess the current issues and provide a priority list based on legal risk and commercial impact and then work with you to get your business back into a state of calm. We can also assist with risk proofing your business against future overwhelm states by running analysis on procedural gaps that led to the current overwhelm state.

Let us put you back onto an even keel.