Setting Sail for Startups

A Shipping 101 for your Startup Logistics

  • You’re going from domestic supply to global.
    We get it, the world of importing and exporting is filled with unknowns, but with expert knowledge in your business you’ll be achieving your logistics goals much sooner.


How do we help?
  • We’ll provide you with a Shipping 101, the ins and outs of shipping. 2 hours of easy to digest information for domestic or international importing and exporting, understanding freight forwarding, Incoterms, marine insurance, marine awareness and more you should know.
Your Investment:
  • $400 + GST for 2 hours


Value to your business:
  • Playing in the shipping industry can be full of uncertainty and lead to undesirable outcomes when you’re operating blind. From one startup to another, we know what it means to be equipped with the relevant information which is what we bring for you.
We are:
  • Empowered with well-respected shipping knowledge
  • A sounding board for your logistics questions
  • Trusted when it comes to shipping advice
  • Here to remove the uncertainty in global shipping
  • Ready to empower you with the relevant and necessary industry information
Fine Print:
  • This is a one-time package delivering you 2 hours of shipping knowledge.
  • Subject to conflict check and signed engagement agreement
  • Package will be withdrawn from offering at Cusack & Co’s discretion

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