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Since the days of the Dutch East India Company, there has been an imbalance of power between ocean carriers and shippers. As the top carriers continue to merge, Shippers more than ever require personalised ocean carriage contracts to protect their business. Cusack & Co are here to service your Maritime Law needs. Here at Cusack & Co, we have the expertise to change the tide and shift the power back to you. Contact us to talk about a fixed fee personalised contract tailor-made for your business.

Service Offerings


Assisting your business in controlling and creating your outcomes


We’ll help you when you need to respond


When it’s an Emergency situation, we’ll be there

Cargo Liability Assessment (Marine)

Making Cargo Claims More Efficient

Chart Your Risk

Reduce your unknowns and gain control

Setting Sail for Startups

A Shipping 101 for your Startup Logistics


Fill in your knowledge gaps and brush up on the essentials of the Maritime Industry

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